Android Bombsight Table by chicky

Screenshot of Android Bombsight
    Table Playing IL-2 Sturmovik or similar game? As a bomber pilot? Fedup with manual conversion of IAS to TAS? Puzzled with conversion between knots and kilometers per hour when switching planes?

This utility does the math. Just enter the altitude and indicated speed as displayed on the gauges, select input units and the rest will be calculated automatically. It should run on all devices (phones, tablets, etc.) running Android version 1.6 and greater.


Since I do not have an Android Market account, you have to install the application (and possible future updates) manually from this page.

If it went according to the plan, you should have a new icon among your regular applications.

Available versions

BombsightTable.apk for Android 3.0 and greater (29 kB)
BombsightTable.apk Better optimized for tablets (30 kB)
BombsightTableLegacy.apk for Android 1.6 - 2.x (54 kB)

There are some minor differences in GUI, but the core functionality is really the same. (Android 3.0 version uses native NumberPicker implementation and therefore is leaner, more powerful and generally better looking.)